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Welcome to Dr. Ouch Relief

Your Source for CBD Cream, CBD Gummies, CBD Salve, CBD Tincture, Ergonomic Support, Fitness, and Wellness Products and Dr. Ouch Relief Apparel

The “Hurt So Good” Physical Therapist, Kim

What is my Recommended CBD Dosage?

A recommended dosage card will always be provided with your hemp-infused (CBD) topical. Recommended Dosage varies by person and condition and may increase or decrease over time depending on the intensity of the symptoms.

Always make sure to speak with your healthcare provider if you are taking anything other than topical CBD products in case there is a contraindication or drug interaction with any of your medication(s).

What is my Recommended CBD Dosage?

Custom Dynamic Foot Orthotics and "Hurt So Good" Program Goals

Visit the Dr. Ouch Relief Store or Back in Motion Physical Therapy, both in Yorba Linda, California, to get fitted for Custom Dynamic Foot Orthotics with Brand New 3D-Printing Technology

Dr. Ouch Relief "Hurt So Good" Program Goals